I have been a photographer for thirty years. I have worked all over the world for a wide range of editorial, corporate and non-profit clients. My start in photography was at Columbia University during the Vietnam War where pictures I had taken for the student newspaper were published in Life and in magazines in Europe. I have been based in New York, Washington, and Boston, with two years in Providence at RISD, earning an MFA in photography. I remain excited about the collaborative potential between the client, designer and photographer to produce and publish the highest quality work. I remain committed to the wealth of new experience that being a photographer offers.


An important part of my work has my engagement with non-profit institutions. I have been the principal photographer for The Boston Foundation for the past 17 years. In addition, I’ve worked for educational institutions, hospitals and other community based organizations. Locally, I have produced two calendars of trees of Winchester, Massachusetts; all proceeds from the sale of the calendar have been donated to a local organization that gives grants for special programs in our town's school system, from which my children have now graduated.


Rates are negotiable and depend on the type and extent of usage agreed upon. Separate structures exist for editorial, corporate and non-profit clients.  Expenses are separate from the fee and include film, processing, printing, scanning, deliveries, assistant, all travel expenses and, in complex shoots, pre and postproduction costs. Detailed estimates available.


Outside photography I am devoted to my wife and children and our lives together. I fish (see Adventures), hike (See more Adventures), run and cycle. I practice yoga which has allowed me to become more flexible and attain enlightenment for at least three minutes a week.





Editorial clients include:
PC World
Business Week
The Chronicle of Higher Education
US Weekly

Corporate clients include:
Softbank Holdings
Dewey, Cheetham & Howe
National Life Insurance Company
Fleet Bank

Non-profit clients include:
The Boston Foundation
WGBH Television
Wellesley College
Ethical Culture School
Tufts Medical School
Boston Children's Hospital

The Call of the Running Tide, Little Brown and Company
Where the River Runs, Little Brown and Company
Victory Garden Fish and Vegetable Cookbook, Knopf Publishers
Norm Abram's New House, Little Brown and Company